Selection Of LED Light Flashlight And Different From Ordinary Flashlight

- Apr 19, 2016 -

LED flashlight with more diodes, color temperature is very high. To human visual perception is very light, it is characteristic of him. There is, he is very energy-efficient, battery life, a fifth more than 10 hours. Is magnesium and aluminum metal case, small wind and rain erosion, and is suitable for outdoor use. But the biggest downside of this product is the lighting distance is very small, usually more than 20 meters. Farther away and you could not see. Above this is the shortcoming of the torch itself. Here are some small plants saw profits following production, falling prices, caused a decline in aluminum alloy material of the flashlight, and underweight, the other is to cater to a lot of people think heart, increase the current, LED brighter. Diode LED flashlight is not the highest in the entire cost. But a magnesium alloy shell. Most notably components and processes. Manufacturers produced more than formal, component, and process very much. And some small craft is very rough. Still have LED is to control current, otherwise it's easy to burn out. LED options must be aware of the above points.

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