- Apr 19, 2016 -

First of diving flashlight are just as divers lighting, but with people on sea of interest more strong, and the on water Xia ancient heritage quest, national marine geographic detection, latest of trend water Xia wedding photography,, water Xia camera widely application Yu Harbour, to led of water Xia photography fill light lamp of development, is by diving flashlight upgrade transformation and into, belongs to a more high requirements of diving flashlight!

Requirements have the following characteristics:

Using latest high power up to 1000 lumens brightness of the original United States CREE XML U2.

II more than diving flashlight head short, beam angle of 120, wider range of easy to shoot a complete underwater flora and fauna.

③ required temperature at around 5000K, photographic images or videos can be closer to the real subject.

④ photography is a snap, a better picture is available, but not impossible, so require a greater battery life, 4 hours is just about right.

⑤ the most important is to have a dedicated connector and bracket, and underwater cameras connected to light more convenient.

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