Diving Flashlight Is A Kind Of Underwater Lighting

- May 16, 2017 -

Diving flashlight is a kind of underwater lighting. The first diving flashlight is only used as a divers lighting, but with the people more interested in the sea, and the underwater ancient cultural relics, the national ocean geography detection, the latest trend of underwater wedding photography, underwater cameras are widely used Submarine, which led the development of underwater photography fill light, is upgraded from the diving flashlight, belonging to a higher requirements of the diving flashlight!

With the improvement of human living standards, the mysterious sea to explore the desire to enhance the diving movement has gradually developed from individual regions to all the world's coastal city, to the lake city diving club to flourish, because the submarine light is bleak, people look forward to see Clear everything in the sea, a waterproof performance good lighting tools become an urgent need!

Aquaculture seafood has become a human favorite food, so fishing workers are more and more! So fishing, diving project development, underwater salvage and other underwater operations are the driving factors of diving lighting!

There is a demand there will be a market, human life in the past lighting flashlight exploration, continue to take a variety of techniques to improve the waterproof performance of the flashlight! The final diving flashlight was born! As a result of light flashlight research and development, a variety of bright LED light source into the diving flashlight research and development!

The diving flashlight is not just another pair of "eyes" of the diver, helping to illuminate the underwater world; it is the light of the underwater communication of the diver. When the diving enthusiasts are looking for good "eyes", Brinyte professional diving flashlight will undoubtedly enter their critical vision. [

Diving according to different standards, may have a different division! According to the waters can be divided into freshwater diving (diving in inland rivers and lakes, lakes) and salt water diving (in the coastal and saltwater lake diving), according to the day and night can be divided into diving and night diving, according to the depth of diving can be divided into Shallow dive (within 30 meters) and deep dive (30-100 m), according to the location of the dive can be divided into wild diving and indoor diving!

Different diving requirements for diving flashlight is also different, freshwater diving on the diving flashlight shell requirements are weaker, because the corrosive low, and fresh water is very clear, so the requirements of light lumen is not very high, can be strong salt water corrosion , An aluminum diving flashlight is very suitable! Of course, the appearance of aluminum alloy armor three hard oxidation is more resistant to corrosion it! Strictly speaking, the night dive and the potential difference between the day will not be great, but the bright diving flashlight used to dive more perfect night, because the evening is the most active seabed time, plants and animals together with a silent symphony! Japanese potential may feel only the general! As for the shallow diving on the diving flashlight and brightness requirements are not very high, and deep diving on the requirements of diving flashlight farther and brighter, because the risk is bigger, ahead of the danger is the responsibility of life! Indoor diving can basically do not need diving flashlight! Outside the best prepared one!

According to the use of diving can be divided into scuba diving lighting flashlight, engineering diving lighting flashlight, fishing flashlight, diving photography flashlight!

According to the diving flashlight design pattern can also be divided into one and split diving flashlight. Separate hand-held lamp holder and barrel separation, through a specific insulated wire connection, the lamp can be worn or hand-held, suitable for different diving occasions, the use of more flexible. Such as luminous Brintye's DIV09 and DIV10 are split design, in addition to meet the needs of leisure diving, but also competent cave diving and other technical diving occasions.

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